Hello…My name is Larry D. Johnson, and I am the owner of this website.

Let me first say thank you for visiting my site.  You no doubt came here looking for information on buying gold.  Well You can go to the Karatbar Review page for that information.   I am going to use this page to tell you a little bit about myself.

The goal of this page is to introduce myself to you, so that you can see who it is that you will be working with.  Fair enough?

I currently reside in a southern Indiana city called Evansville, Indiana.  I attended Reitz High School there and played High School football….I was a running back  As a matter a fact, in my senior year we won the Indiana mythical State football championship, and I was the second leading scorer in the State.  That was a fun time in my life.  

I went on to attend the University of Evansville on a football and academic scholarship, and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Law Enforcement.

I am 58 years old at this writing, married with 4 kids of my own and 2 kids from my wife. (all older and out of the house…thank God)  I consider myself a born again Christian, and I believe and try to follow the teachings of the Holy Bible.

As I started getting closer to retirement I came to realize that my job (automotive manufacturing) was not going to provide me with the income I will need to retire.  I knew I could not rely on Social Security to even be around when I retire.  So if I wanted to maintain the standard of living I was now accustom to I would need to look for additional income. 

I did not want to work outside the home, so I started looking for a home based business.  Long story short I became involved in several home businesses….had some success but they were not real exciting businesses.  One of the best things that came out of my business opportunities is that I gained a lot of marketing experience, online and off.  

Unfortunately that is one of the problems facing those of us in the home based or network marketing Industry.  Many don’t rally know how to market.  Anyway I continued to look for something that would be a good fit for me that I could get excited about.   

Then came Karatbars Internation

I had an idea of what I wanted in a home based business.  I was looking for something different.  Karatbars International is different.  The Corporate offices are in Germany.  They are a debt Free fully funded Company.  Their product is the most unique product in the home based business industry….Gold.  Not gold coins, not numismatic coins, not gold certificates, but pure 999.9 percent Gold Bullion.  Not in ounces but in smaller more affordable weights.

 This product has long lasting value with a lucrative compensation plan.   We have a marketing system that will stand up against any online system I have seen, that includes

  • lead generation system,
  • email campaigns,
  • automatic marketing messages,
  • traffic generation, 
  • tons of lead capture pages, 
  • design your own lead capture pages,
  • automatic follow up email system,
  • your own sub domain creator,
  •  postcard and video marketing
  • step by step complete training system on article writing, advertising in every known media, daily phone and web conference calls an do much more I don’t have the space or the time to list them.

My GOAL is to help 40 people get started in their own Gold Purchase Business in the next4 months.  These 40 people will be the foundation of my organization.  I will strive to help each of these 40 get 40 of their own, and they will in turn do the same for their people. 

We Have a great training and marketing system that is completely duplicatable by anyone.  Each of us will develop their own goals and determine their own reasons for wanting to start a home base business.

In short this is a business that you can be proud of.  Gold can be used as a hedge against inflation, and part of your retirement investment.   Hey don’t take my word for it, check it out for yourself and see if Karatbars International would be a good fit for you.  Click on the Karatbars Review tab above and start getting informed about the future of our economy.   Thank you for your time.

God Bless

Larry D. Johnson